Uttarakhand Honey

Flavour: floral, fruity and woody.


With a holistic approach to apiculture, B.Barefoot Honey reinforces the respect for honey bees as a key stone species for bio-diversity conservation by:

  • Working exclusively with indigenous Apis Cerana Indica bee species
  • Placing a limited number of bee boxes in a specific geographical area
  • Conducting community wide environmental stewardship workshops
  • Creating apiaries in areas that have natural farming practices
  • Establishing apiaries at pollen rich locations

Uttarakhand Honey

  • This Honey is artisenally extracted in small batches by rural women entrepreneurs in hillstations of Uttrakhand.

  • Our honey is made by bees in the Himalayan hillstations of Uttrakhand. It has a floral, fruity and woody flavour.